About the Summer Writers Institute

The mission of the Summer Writers Institute (SWI) at Washington University in St. Louis extends beyond the high-quality instruction delivered by its diverse, award-winning faculty, to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming space for writers of all backgrounds and ambitions. Founded in 1996, the SWI serves as a platform for writers to jump-start new creative explorations, hone their craft skills, and build community among fellow writers.

This year’s SWI takes place across in-person workshops and individual sessions, over a period of three weeks, July 11–31, 2022. SWI offers a range of generative creative writing courses complemented by a robust series of free public programs. SWI course credits are also counted towards the Certificate in Creative Writing at University College.

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Fiction: Rise of the Genre Benders
with instructor
Ron A. Austin

Humor Writing
with instructor
Heather McPherson