U11 EComp 4110



This course will analyze and put into practice what makes good humor writing both good and humorous, from subject matter to the mechanics of setting up a punchline, from crafting an unexpected metaphor to perfecting the reversal. We will write and workshop humorous personal essays, commentary, satire, and parody, using as models examples from humorists and humorous writers from the past decade.


In-person workshops


Meeting schedule for in-person workshops: mandatory keynote speaker event and kickoff workshop Monday, 7/11/22, 6-9 pm.

Individual workshop sessions will be held thrice-weekly: Tue and Thu, 6-9 pm, and Sat, 1-4 pm.

Students are also expected to attend a minimum of 7.5 hours of the joint, public programming, inclusive of the final open mic on Sunday, July 31, 1-4 pm.