U11 EComp 4104



We approach this generative, and beginning, creative nonfiction class with a cue from Patricia Hampl, who writes that “remembering, in its rigorous search, is the work of the imagination.” In other words, memory is the result of our capacity not only to remember the past but to *imagine* it.  Over this three-week institute, we practice reading and writing with this understanding in mind.  We draw upon work by Brian Doyle, Vivian Gornick, José Orduña, and Lia Purpura, alongside Patricia Hampl and others, for understanding and inspiration. We generate narrative, observational, and reflective passages through a host of prompts based on memory and imagination.  From those writings, we compose a personal narrative to share in workshop.  In the end, we learn, as Hampl writes, that while personal narrative relies on memory, “the beauty of [that] memory, rests in its talent for rendering detail” through imagination.


In-person workshops


Meeting schedule for in-person workshops: mandatory keynote speaker event and kickoff workshop Monday, 7/11/22, 6-9 pm.

Individual workshop sessions will be held thrice-weekly: Tue and Thu, 6-9 pm, and Sat, 1-4 pm.

Students are also expected to attend a minimum of 7.5 hours of the joint, public programming, inclusive of the final open mic on Sunday, July 31, 1-4 pm.